Neil MacOmish joins museum delegation to 'Deep Space' facility in Linz, Austria

Neil MacOmish joins museum delegation to 'Deep Space' facility in Linz, Austria

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Board Director Neil MacOmish will join a delegation from the Scott Brownrigg-designed Museum of Military Medicine, Cardiff to travel to Linz, Austria on 9 October 2019. The delegation is made up of museum Trustees and Directors, along with representatives from the University of South Wales, National Museums Wales and BBC Wales.

During the two-day visit, the group will tour Ars Electronica, a centre dedicated to art, technology and society. The ‘Museum of the Future’ will introduce their guests to the ‘Deep Space 8K’ facility. Following the establishment of the international relationship between Linz and Cardiff, the Museum of Military Medicine aims to bring the ‘Deep Space’ facility to Cardiff.

Public consultation is currently underway on the Museum of Military Medicine’s plans to build a new museum facility and medical innovation hub in Cardiff Bay. The delegation to Austria represents the Museum’s ambitious transformation programme. Conferencing, the Deep Space, temporary exhibitions, events, as well as educational programs and innovative research partnerships will all contribute to national wellbeing agendas, placing Wales at the forefront of UK innovation in healthcare.

“The visit to Linz will connect the city, the digital and visitor experience from the existing facility in Linz with Cardiff and the Museum.”

Neil MacOmish, Board Director

The trip will also include a dinner with the Mayor and CEO of the city of Linz, and will be the subject of BBC news items and a programme.

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