Report: Science Cities by Future City Forum

Report: Science Cities by Future City Forum

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How can science hubs in the UK attract greater investment, while also maintaining their sustainability and walkability?

Last month, Director Ed Hayden joined the 'Science Cities' forum, hosted by Future Cities Forum at St John's College, Oxford to discuss the future challenges associated with developing science cities, and how we can better integrate community, biodiversity and interconnectivity.

With reference to addressing sustainability, Ed cited:

“We have been working with industry on this. It is all about collaboration, you cannot do it working as a lone architect. We need to hit a 40% increase in Oxford on new lab space and look at the issue of embodied carbon in the construction phase. We also need innovative way to get biodiversity into these schemes.”

Find out more about our approach to designing Life Science projects as Ed’s insights are shared in the latest Future Cities Forum report here.