Scott Brownrigg launches Design Strategy Unit at WORKTECH 17

Scott Brownrigg launches Design Strategy Unit at WORKTECH 17

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A new approach to evidence-led workplace design.

Scott Brownrigg has announced the launch of Design Strategy Unit, a new approach to evidence-led workplace design.


Design Strategy Unit was introduced to the industry at WORKTECH17 London, an event which attracts some of the biggest and brightest names to debate, discuss, and divulge the last thinking on the Future of Work, which was held on 14 – 15 November 2017.


Scott Brownrigg’s Design Strategy Unit analyses the functional and emotional demands of an organisation’s working environment. Using a new approach to engage with employees alongside data driven observational methods, Design Strategy Unit enables business leaders to make informed decisions to align their workplace with their business objectives and helps to inform the workplace strategy and design brief.


The Director for Design Strategy Unit, Steffan Wiliams, gave a presentation detailing how the three step process provides a collaborative footprint for intelligent workplace design with bespoke surveys for clients.


Steffan Wiliams says

"Design Strategy Unit allows us to use technology in a very human way, something that is increasingly lacking in our digital age” .


Watch the animated Design Strategy Unit video below for further details of the three step process:

What’s your Workstyle Profile?

How you work and where you work has a measurable impact on achievement, productivity and wellbeing and the ability to connect and collaborate. That’s why a key tool of Design Strategy Unit is the Workstyle Profiler; a quick survey that uses a clever algorithm to identify your natural work style and present the working environment that would enable you to thrive.

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