Scott Brownrigg team together with Orangebox for 'Dreams Unboxed' at Clerkenwell Design Week

Scott Brownrigg team together with Orangebox for 'Dreams Unboxed' at Clerkenwell Design Week

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Clerkenwell Design Week 21-23 May 2019

Scott Brownrigg’s Interior Design team are collaborating with Orangebox, the designers and manufacturers of inventive furniture, for an exciting project showcasing at Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) 2019: ‘Dreams Unboxed’.

‘Orangebox Unboxed’ is a programme that sees renowned design practices take over one of the spaces at Orangebox Smartworking London to explore ideas, trends and issues that they believe may be important to workspace users in the future.

‘Dreams Unboxed’ emerges from the idea of the workplace future. Our Interior Design team aim to curate an environment where experience is the most significant, and physical space comes second; where micro settings are purposed to suit the user needs. Health is wealth, they say, and by focusing on employees’ wellbeing, working environments need to adapt to both our bodies and minds.

From this concept, “The Experience Hubs” emerged where technology supports a tactile environment, making it human-centred and adaptable.

“We will create four environments in response to human characteristics: Rejuvenate, Immersion, Tranquility and Interaction. We will utilise different spatial and technological devices to create these environments including illusory and sensory experiences; ambient sounds; virtual reality; smart lighting; and scents.”

Joanna Warda, Interior Designer

‘Dreams Unboxed’ imagines a space of your dreams – the one that makes you feel happy and energized; that leads you to achieve life goals. In which microenvironments impact your perception and help to improve your productivity, focus and wellbeing.

The work with Orangebox on ‘Dreams Unboxed’ will be a great opportunity to highlight the innovative nature of Scott Brownrigg’s work. We are looking forward to being involved with CDW, one of the highlights of the London design calendar. What’s more, 2019 will be the Design Week’s 10th anniversary with this edition promising to host the biggest and best programme yet.


Clerkenwell Design Week: 21-23 May 2019

Visit ‘Dreams Unboxed’ at Orangebox Smartworking
38 Northampton Road

‘Dreams Unboxed’ will continue for future weeks following Clerkenwell Design Week.

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