University of Surrey Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Completes

University of Surrey Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Completes

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Scott Brownrigg’s design for a new Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences for The University of Surrey has completed.

Commissioned by the University of Surrey, Scott Brownrigg have created a new £7 million home for the Faculty through the refurbishment of a mid-1980’s office building located on Priestley Road Guildford. The 4,800 sq m refurbished building delivers a cutting-edge teaching facility for the University, with a car park to the West of the building, on-site visitor parking to the Southeast and landscaped grounds, which surround the building.

Taking on the new purpose of the building, our refurbishment has transformed the internal planted courtyard into an atrium Hub and breakout space, connected to a new café facility and wrapped by custom-made teaching rooms. These rooms boast a contemporary fit-out design that allows students to work in small groups, larger teams or as one collective whole.

A suite of highly serviced teaching spaces with the very latest teaching facilities have been created with our designs providing for a full range of medical teaching areas including a full ‘hospital’ training facility with simulated wards, an operating theatre, and a GP surgery.

One of the largest changes has involved reinterpreting the voids under the building, converting them into the state-of-art simulation suites. This has allowed for the reproduction of external events such as a road traffic accident, or a drug overdose at a nightclub.

These new facilities enable students to experience the full range of medical situations including rescue and recovery, treatment for long-term sickness and trauma within a full hospital environment.

The Faculty’s new home is now open, with staff and students already taking advantage of the new ways to undertake medical training.

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