iA: Intelligent Architecture - Special Edition: Issue 12

iA: Intelligent Architecture - Special Edition: Issue 12

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2020 presented a considerable change in our day-to-day lives. Our working patterns, where we worked, and how we interacted with our colleagues changed considerably and in some ways perhaps irrevocably.

In November 2020, Scott Brownrigg hosted an virtual staff conference, providing the platform to share ideas and thoughts and generally embrace some focussed time together.

We set an individual and collaborative task to the entire practice. We asked employees to simply take a 15 minute walk and to record their thoughts and reflections on what the restrictions of lockdown had meant to them and then to create something (hopefully poignant and beautiful) that would take a positive outlook on what the future may look like. Each individual then had 45 minutes to make something, then 15 minutes to share and discuss within their group.

This special edition of iA: Intelligent Architecture showcases this body of work – signifying this moment in time.

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