Bath Riverside B5

Bath Riverside B5


Crest Nicholson

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The Brief

Our Interior Design team were tasked with providing a proposal that would successfully explore innovative ideas for connecting the seven floor levels of Bath Riverside Building B5. The challenge was to maximise the amount of natural top-lighting, successfully illuminating the long and extremely narrow central Atrium space. The design needed to provide a shared sensory experience for the building’s residential occupiers at all floor levels.


Taking into consideration the external architectural design intent, the concept of the ‘Vertical Living Green Columns’ was envisaged as an unexpected, dramatic surprise and a way of visually connecting all floor levels. All perimeter balcony edges were pre-formed with a soft and curved profile – to allow more light to penetrate the lower level walkways. Fully-glazed balustrading also was designed to increase natural daylight penetration to all floor levels. Concealed perimeter LED lighting provides visual detachment of walls from ceilings - for a light and floating effect.


We worked with highly skilled Scandinavian plantsmen to create and install three continuous living plant columns, which are suspended by wires through seven floor levels. The plants are drip-fed from the top and carefully side-lit at all levels using daylight-simulating bulbs. At 28m in height, the biophilic plant columns are currently the tallest in the world.

The internal walls at Ground Floor entrance level are clad in the same Bath stone banding as the external stone cladding, and oak timber banded panels wrap around to provide warmth and interest. All apartment entrance doors and surrounds are also signalled by the same oak finish.


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