Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport



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The Brief

The brief was to create the world’s largest terminal to serve as a hub for Turkish airlines on a green field site by the Black Sea in Istanbul. The new international and domestic terminal needed to serve an initial capacity of 80 million passengers per annum and allow for expansion through the use of remote piers to increase its capacity to 120 million passengers per annum before the need for building a second terminal building.


As the Lead Designer we have applied our guiding principles for a successful terminal in terms of passenger comfort/experience and provided a future proof design. We focused on creating intimate places to avoid people being overwhelmed with the enormity of the near 1.4 million square meter building. Points of interest have been created as well as landmarks to act as destination points to aid intuitive wayfinding as well as adding to the passenger experience. The design of the vaulted ceiling with the central processor and piers are inspired by Turkey’s architectural heritage as seen in many of the Mosques in Istanbul.


Being in an earthquake zone the structure of the building had to be carefully considered.

Careful measures had to be introduced in the design to cater for changes that are likely to happen after it becomes operational in 2019.

In May 2020, the airport terminal building was officially registered as the largest LEED Gold certified building worldwide. 

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