North Hertfordshire College

North Hertfordshire College

Hitchen + Stevenage + Letchworth

North Hertfordshire College

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The Brief

Working in close consultation with key stakeholders, we conducted a Strategic Property Review and prepared a 10 Year Architectural Estate Strategy and Masterplan. We then prepared briefs for a range of new build, remodelling / refurbishment projects for the Stevenage Studio School, Letchworth Studio School and the award winning Hitchin Centre.


We transformed the Hitchin Centre by creating a central hub space through redeveloping an unused external courtyard. The concept was an amalgamation of heart, street and garden to create a multi-functional space that draws together the three existing buildings to form a single campus.


Engaging with College stakeholders helped us gain a deep understanding of the educational vision underpinning the curriculum delivery, current and future space needs. This enabled us to find new and innovative ways to rationalise, reimagine and transform the whole of the College’s estate with less than half the budget previously allocated to just one of the sites.


1,800 sq m & 600 sq m
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