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Future Cities Forum’s Latest report ‘Creative Cities - at the British Film Institute’ compiles the thoughts of key industry experts, including Director Jason Lebidineuse who heads up our film and TV studio sector, on the growth of creative cities and the power of film studios to boost the UK economy.

Referencing some of our recent film campus projects, including Shinfield Studios which is currently onsite in Berkshire, Jason talks about the key considerations and importance of community engagement in order to create a well-integrated and successful film and TV Studio development.  He also talks about designing for speed to market, and the steps we are taking to create more flexible and sustainable studios:

"The masterplan has to be flexible and we are constantly re-designing, and using temporary buildings on different areas of the site in the form of kits of parts which can be dismantled and used elsewhere. This helps with the life cycle costing and is far more sustainable with reduction in the use of concrete and so they can last up to 60 years."

The client of our HOP Bedfordshire project - VERB's Development Solutions Director, Adam Calvin, - also contributed to the discussion, talking about creating a real sense of place where film crews can relax on film production sites:

'There is a lot of movement in the real estate space around film at the moment and it is a hot sector to be working in. We have been working at HOP in Bedfordshire and there are certain factors that we are trying to push the boundaries with to create better spaces. We have a responsibility to the crews to make these studios feel like proper places, where they can feel like they have a life, providing food trucks, plazas to sit in and a creche. We also want to leave half the site fallow for ecology, although it loses revenue for us. We are designing the site with gaps between the buildings, to allow for the plazas and ultimately a place the crews want to be, so projects can be delivered.’

Read on to find out more about what industry experts had to say on the growth of the creative industries, and Future Cities Forum’s conclusions at the end of the report here

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