RIBA Architecture Apprenticeship Handbook launches

RIBA Architecture Apprenticeship Handbook launches

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Last night we hosted RIBA Architecture Apprenticeship Handbook launch at our Covent Garden studio.  

Written by Daniel Goodricke and Luke Murray, the handbook seeks to demystify questions surrounding the Level 7 apprenticeship, providing structured guidance and advice for career progress to apprentices, as well as those supporting them on their journey.  

The event also gave attendees a chance to hear about the experiences of apprentices, continuing and successfully graduated, as well as the employers and academics involved in their delivery. These included Architectural Assistant - Apprentices (Level 7) Dorrell Gayle-Menzie and Elizabeth Akamo, Project Director Albena Atanassova and Director Helen Taylor – who also contributed to the book.  

The handbook is available to be purchased here.