Webinar on demand: Creating Inclusive Sports Environments

Webinar on demand: Creating Inclusive Sports Environments

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Earlier this month, Director Ed Hayden and Associate Architect Felicity Meares hosted a webinar dedicated to the design of sustainable sports buildings that are inclusive to all. They considered how such buildings can promote mental health and wellbeing and inspire all abilities for generations.

As the architects behind the recently completed Activity Centre for St George’s College, Weybridge they delved into this renewably-sourced building as a case study. Tackling how the Centre was designed for greenbelt land and some of the innovations incorporated to cater for multi-sport activities and inclusivity.

The webinar can now be watched on demand below. Previous episodes from this series can be watched on our website and include ‘Impact of Accommodation Environments on Student Mental Health and Wellbeing’ and ‘Urban Schools: Designing for High Density’.

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