Deal Ground and May Gurney

Deal Ground and May Gurney


Serruys Properties Co Ltd

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The Brief

Norwich is bringing forward four strategic sites across east Norwich to support greater housing numbers and new vibrancy across the city. We were commissioned to re-evaluate a significant site, increasing residential unit numbers from a consented 670 units towards a target of 1,650 units in this waterfront development.


We developed a narrative for the new high density urban waterfront setting, adopting a sensitive environmental touch across the existing water meadows and providing an urban response to a new distinct village island setting.  The concept seeks to combine disparate parts into one cohesive and bold masterplan, underpinned by a highly sustainable and environmental approach.


776 new apartments front the River Wensum, reinterpreting the footprint of former waterside timberyards. The masterplan alsointroduces new canals, serving new marinas and a south facing cultural-education centrepiece designed to respect an existing beehive brick kiln centrepiece.

500 east-facing apartments look  across a large flood meadow, with new elevated walkways and viewing ‘drums’ placed within the landscape harking back to the site’s former use. A new bridge crossing the River Yare connects the main site to the May Gurney Island of 500 urban houses and waterfront apartments.A pedestrian bridge connecting to a former pumping station is reinterpreted as a microbrewery and community business centre.


102,000 sq m (10,97,918 sq ft)
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