Pier 6 London Gatwick Airport

Pier 6 London Gatwick Airport



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The Brief

The brief was to increase processing capacity at the North Terminal through the creation of a new satellite pier linked to the terminal via a pre-fabricated bridge, to be placed over a live taxiway. The work needed to be completed with minimal impact on the airport operation, with a maximum of 3 days closure of the taxiway separating the terminal and the new satellite pier.


There were a number of design challenges related to the limited taxiway closure. Our building footprint had to negotiate many constraints and existing infrastructure. Modular design technology was adopted to reduce site work and the pedestrian bridge was built near the airport in three sections, the longest being 160 meters, it was moved and connected to the satellite pier during the three day closure.


Designing a bridge over the taxiway to take passengers to the new Pier 6 building was considered the most cost effective solution. The 120 clear span bridge was built off-site and was craned in over a few nights with minimal disruption to airport services. The bridge did not need to allow for the A380 to pass underneath as there were no aircraft stands beyond the bridge which could take A380’s.


17,000 sq m
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