Cambridge Science Park Bio-Hub shortlisted for a BCO regional judges visit

Cambridge Science Park Bio-Hub shortlisted for a BCO regional judges visit

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The Scott Brownrigg-designed Cambridge Science Park Bio-Hub will be the subject of a BCO judges’ tour and talk on Wednesday 29 January 2020 as it is considered for the BCO Midlands and East Anglia Commercial Workplace Award.

The two plots that comprise the Bio-Hub are within a series of new buildings developed on the southern fringes of the Park to attract scientific and technology research clients and achieve the ultimate objective of repositioning the park as a leading global technology park.

The new development is the result of a collaboration between Trinity College, founder of the Cambridge Science Park, and TusPark. Sitting at the centre of the masterplan, the exceptional quality of Plots 22 and 25 act as a catalyst for future development on the Park. The buildings present an innovative understanding of high technology tenants’ increasing need for flexibility between laboratory and office space.

The buildings have a shared landscaped podium over undercroft parking with recently completed Plot 26. Both buildings are three storeys high with incorporated plant at roof and undercroft levels. Plot 22 provides B1 office space of approximately 60,500 sq ft and Plot 25 of 40,000 sq ft laboratory space. Plot 25, known as the Bio Innovation Centre, is a multi-occupier building, providing wet labs and offices for biotechnology and healthcare start-ups. The scheme incorporates a new entrance plaza, which forms a gateway into the park for sustainable transport.

“Both buildings achieve a dynamic aesthetic due to their elevated position and were designed to make a statement for the future of the Cambridge Science Park and to influence high quality design in future buildings.”

Robin Means, Project Manager, Bidwells
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