Eden Grove

Eden Grove


Berkeley Homes

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The Brief

This major site within the town centre has stood vacant for a decade since the demolishment of the former British Gas (Centrica) HQ building. We were briefed to develop designs for a mixed-use residential, office and retail scheme that would be implementable and deliverable.


Sitting on one of the main routes into Staines, we felt the site deserved a building of stature to mark an arrival into town. Having sat dormant for so long our chief aim was to create a really meaningful open space within the site. A new place for people to meet and enjoy each other’s company; to extend the vibrancy of the high street and blend a new community with the existing one.


The buildings are arranged as pavilions around this shared garden space, orientated to capture as much daylight as possible. The principle materials of white stone bands and bronze have a restrained, civic quality but are layered in lighter proportions so the richness of activity from people living within the buildings shines through. The bronze panels are cut with a geometric pattern which is a reference to Staines history of manufacturing lino whilst the central water feature set within the public gardens reminds you this is a riverside town and the banks of the Thames are a short walk away.


45,000 sq m
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