Design Strategy Unit

Design Strategy Unit

We address the challenges facing Corporate Occupiers. In the changing world of work, our clients can be confident of our evidence-led and fully integrated workplace designs.


Design Strategy Unit is a collaborative partnership between global design practice Scott Brownrigg and leading international workplace optimisation experts at iPWC.


Uniquely, we offer a continuity of service, providing the engagement, analysis and seamless delivery of your workplace strategy in parallel with test fits and interior design enabling a fresh vision to reimagine your workplace. All delivered under the Design Strategy brand.


How can you engage the best people, build a great culture and drive market leading ideas?

We can help you achieve the right environment that will positively impact on the employee experience leading to improved collaboration, innovation, productivity, engagement whilst all the time focusing on wellbeing.


Our work with leading global companies has included:

Expedia / Unilever / Bloomberg / Thomson Reuters / NCR / Chaucer / Aldi / Cummins / Bosch / Emerson / Deloitte / MBDA / Network Rail

Generating Results - The Benefits

  • Reduced Property Overheads
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Enhanced Employee Productivity
  • Strengthening of Leadership
  • Revitalisation of Culture
  • Boost in Staff Retention
  • Improved Staff Health and Wellbeing
  • Improving collaboration and sense of belonging

What problems are you trying to solve?

Helping companies understand how their employees will work in the future, post COVID-19.

Turning pre-Covid dense traditional workplaces into post covid safe collaborative workplaces.

What we provide

Estate Strategy – Optimising where and how your business physically operates

Workplace Strategy and Design – Ensuring the best environments to improve how your teams work

Design Concept and Test Fits – Developing and recommending initial designs to suit your needs

Workplace Guidelines – to be rolled out across your global estate

Change Management – Guiding your people through new ways of working

Post Occupancy Reviews – Measuring the performance of your space after completion

How we do it


As you consider the future role of your office, we can help. 

Design Strategy Unit can survey staff on how and where they want to work, what they want from their workplace and assess the impact this will have on the future purpose and design of your working environments.

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“Design Strategy Unit approach every project with a partnership mindset, and with the human experience in mind. Enriching your workplace and people for the future.”

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