East Hemel Masterplan

East Hemel Masterplan

St Albans

The Crown Estate & Arland Properties

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The Brief

We were appointed to develop a masterplan for the regeneration of East Hemel including 2,600 homes across 275 ha of land, 600 homes at the adjoining Spencer’s Park, 3 Primary and 1 8FE Secondary school alongside 55 hectares of commercial and logistics space. 


Our masterplan has been designed to reflect Garden City objectives with highly landscaped spacious parkland and 40 dph housing densities setting various character areas for homes, businesses and open spaces aligned with a landscape led approach incorporating a SUDs strategy.

Hemel Copy
Hemel Copy
Clean Concept Sketch White
Clean Concept Sketch White


A bridge unites the development across the A414 linking all the uses together, helping transform the eastern edge of Hemel Hempstead. The project aims to deliver 8,000 new jobs within the new Enterprise Zone at Maylands Employment area and new housing, parkland, recreation, local centres and social space for over 7,500 new residents.

View 2 East Hemel 2018 02 09
View 2 East Hemel 2018 02 09


842 acre
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