Prince's Gate

Prince's Gate



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The Brief

This is the historic neoclassic former residence of the Kennedy’s and Morgan families, overlooking Hyde Park in Knightsbridge. Our brief was to create an interiors concept that draws inspiration from its surroundings.  Translating this into a contemporary space design which uses consistent clean lines and bespoke millwork, and is beautifully at ease within its historic environment.


The client wanted a clean, contemporary aesthetic whilst showcasing its historic significance.  We designed a solid marble staircase, vibrant fabric that accents the neutral walls, bespoke cabinetry, and refined finishes. We have favoured the use of natural fabrics - with silks, linens, and wools casting a soft gloss over the entire residence.  We have mixed new and vintage mid-century modern furniture, with sharp lines and solid tones that play off all the historic elements.

By using a muted colour palette throughout, our design guarantees a visual cleanliness that appears to further enhance the spaces.


The strong historic presence has inspired our concept and has resulted in uniquely designed bedrooms, entertainment areas and private spaces.

This project reflects the style and sophistication of the client and is accented by premium finishes, stone and wood that imbue the spacious indoor and outdoor areas with a contemporary aesthetic.


Interior Design
4,500 sq m (48,438 sq ft)
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